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CortexCT is an intelligent Clinical Trial management platform that facilitates data collection, advanced analysis of any type and size, and comprehensive control with real-time monitoring, including tiered access for data modifications.

CortexCT is straightforward to integrate and use, fully customizable to meet the unique needs and goals of each trial, fully compliant with regulations, significantly reduces the risk of disqualification, and dramatically shortens trial duration.
CortexCT offers everything a clinical trial sponsor or CRO requires to conduct the most effective clinical trial in the shortest possible time.

Full Control Over the Process

  • Monitor progress in real-time

  • Tiered access granting to avoid data manipulation

  • Get on-going analysis and progress anytime

The Most Reliable Results

  • Enhance data reliability by fully controlling data collection

  • Analyse data of any size

  • Easily execute complicated analyses in-house

Dramatically Expedited Timelines

  • Questionnaire development in days!

  • Lower disqualification and avoid repeated testing

  • Analysis in minutes!

  • Reporting with full compliance –automated!






An AI-powered clinical trial platform for reliable data collection in the shortest time.


Our mission: Accelerate clinical research to deliver the best treatments, faster.

At Synaptyk we specialize in empowering corporations to maintain their competitive edge and redefine exceptional service and operations. Leveraging state-of-the-art Generative AI technologies tailored specifically to your corporate and industrial requirements, we facilitate the achievement of your company's primary goals: customer intimacy and service excellence, operational efficiency, and competitive pricing.

Contact us today, obligation-free, to explore how your organization can embark on a revolutionary transformation.

Synaptyk's AI bot Cortex is incredible. It's hard to believe we used to operate our business without it. 

Frankie B.

Supply Chain Specialist

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