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  • What is the purpose of CortexCT software?
    CortexCT aims to expedite the clinical trial process, enhancing its quality and the reliability of insights—accelerating the journey towards life-saving treatments. It empowers clinical sponsors and CROs with a comprehensive, all-in-one platform, significantly speeding up and refining in-house questionnaire development and analysis. CortexCT helps prevent data manipulation and boosts the likelihood of regulatory approval.
  • What sets CortexCT software apart from its competitors?
    CortexCT’s unique technology substantially shortens clinical trial processes and dramatically reduces the risk of participant disqualification compared to other software. Its innovative questionnaire development system allows for rapid, in-house deployment of questionnaires within days. The embedded analysis system delivers even the most complex analytics and imaging in minutes. Its AI-driven system aids ongoing analysis and pattern detection, ensuring no critical Adverse Events or insights are missed. CortexCT is user-friendly and intuitive, eliminating the need for coding. The Synaptyk support team provides extensive guidance and support to ensure optimal results.
  • How does your software ensure data reliability?
    CortexCT is designed to comply with FDA and CDISC regulations, ensuring all data is collected and captured reliably. With automatic data checks, traceability, and comprehensive audit trails, our software upholds the highest standards of data integrity and safety.
  • How does your software enhance data analysis?
    ? CortexCT leverages AI-driven analytics to process data from any size and source efficiently. It analyzes all captured data swiftly, providing insights through custom reports as needed and standardized reports for regulatory compliance. The software includes predictive analytics to anticipate issues and visualizes data in real-time, simplifying complex information. An AI-driven analytic assistant aids in pattern detection, ensuring no significant Adverse Events or insights are overlooked.
  • How does CortexCT stand out from competitors like OpenClinica, Castor, and Greenlight Guru?
    Our platform is more comprehensive, user-friendly, scalable, and compliant with the latest regulations, distinguishing us from other market options.
  • How can I start using CortexCT?
    Contact our sales team or visit our website for a demo to find the ideal solution for your trial needs.
  • What customer support and training do you offer?
    We offer step-by-step support and training, including onboarding, personalized sessions, and ongoing educational resources to ensure your success with our software. We are committed to training and guiding your team towards optimal outcomes and providing support whenever needed. Our focus is on enhancing your research, shortening timelines, and improving lives.
  • Can CortexCT handle complex trial designs?
    Yes, our software is adept at managing complex trial designs with ease, offering robust validation features to ensure data integrity, regardless of trial complexity.
  • Does CortexCT offer better real-time data processing?
    Yes, our users enjoy real-time data processing without the delays. Our platform is optimized for speed and efficiency, ensuring timely access and analysis of data.
  • Is CortexCT budget-friendly?
    Absolutely. With CortexCT, you can optimize processes, conduct questionnaire development and analysis in-house, and avoid repeated testing. We are committed to providing you with a solution tailored to your process design and budget.
  • Do I have to adopt the entire CortexCT management system, or can I choose specific services?
    While the system’s comprehensive adoption has the greatest impact, CortexCT is modular and can be implemented in parts, allowing you to adopt specific services. It can integrate with any existing architecture and be customized to your needs.
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